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CETS Members

CETS is represented by:

The Board


The President
Mr. Dave Elliott, SEA, United Kingdom



The Vice-President
Mr. Werner Heinz Bittner, AOT, Austria



Technical & Standards Group Chairman
Mr. Egbert Stremmelaar, ION, Netherlands



Regulatory Affairs Group Chairman
Dr. Malte Zimmer, VECCO, Germany


The secretary resides at the office of VOM Belgie
General Manager Veerle Fincken
Phone +32 1 640 1420
Fax +32 1 629 8319
e-mail cets@cets-surface.eu

Postal Address
CETS aisbl
c/o VOM Belgie
Kapeldreef 60
Be-3001 Leuven
Registration number
VAT NR.: BE0827.987.545



Country               Association     Website
Austria AOT www.arge-ot.at
Belgium Nickel Institute www.nickelinstitute.org
Belgium VOM vzw/asbl www.vom.be
Denmark MAB
Finland SGY:ry
France UITS www.uits-france.com
Germany DFO www.dfo-online.de
Germany VECCO e.V. www.vecco.de
Germany ZVO www.zvo.org
Hungary Hungarian Plating Association
Ireland IMF Ireland
Italy AssICC www.assicconline.it
Italy AIFM www.galvanotecnica.org
Italy ASSOGALVANICA www.assogalvanica.it
Netherlands ION www.vereniging-ion.nl
Norway NGLF www.nglf.no
Poland PTG www.galwanotechnika.org.pl
Spain AIAS www.aias.es
Sweden SPF www.spfpulverlack.se
Sweden SYF www.syf.se
UK IMF www.uk-finishing.org.uk
UK SEA www.sea.org.uk