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Life 2 acid, a research project looking for partners

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Life2acid is a project that works towards a substainable use of metallic resources in the galvanic industry. The aim is to demonstrate a new technology that allows the selective recovery of metal zinc and iron chloride from Spent Pickling Acids (SPA’s) generated in galvanizing processes.

LIFE-2-ACID project aims at contributing to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental policy and legislation. The present technology could drastically improve the management of SPAs in a strong sector, and hence it could be positioned as Best Available Technique (BAT) for the surface treatment and ferrous metal processing industries.

To give a clearer view on the impact of this project on the industry, these are a few expected results. For example; develop a prototype pilot plant based on integrates selective membranes and electrowinning to treat 200 L/day of SPAs, show the replicability and transferability of the innovative technology to most of the 300,000 m3 of SPAs that the European galvanizing sector produces every year, extension of the proposed technology in Europe: recovery of 40,000 tons/year of metallic zinc, reduction of environmental impacts: soil and water: 90% reduction of waste sludge (around 380,000 tons/year): air: reduction of CO2 emissions associated to conventional processes and so on…

The project, coordinated by APRIA Systems S.L., started 01/07/2017 and is estimated to end 31/12/2020. For partnerships, please contact javier.pinedo@apriasystems.es. More info can be found on their website.

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