• The voice of the European Surface Engineering Industry since 1981
  • Represent, Defend, Engage and Promote


CETS, the European Committee for Surface Treatment, is an international federation of national associations engaged in the supply of technology, chemicals, and paint products to the surface treatment industry.  Its purpose is to provide a scientific and engineering voice at the European Union on proposals for environmental, health and safety legislation.

Since June 2010 CETS is a Belgian non-profit international association in form of an AISBL, with a royal degree from July 06, 2010. CETS is organised in two sections. First of all the regulatory affairs section and secondly a technical and standards section

For a thriving manufacturing industry in Europe a healthy surface treatment industry is a prerequisite.  The board of CETS has determined that acting at European level in the interests of the surface treatment industry is necessary for the continuity of the surface treatment industry in Europe. To this end, CETS carries out multiple activities such as joining quality labels, relevant input for the decision makers and influencers from the viewpoint of the surface treatment industry, participating in standards committees, task forces and working groups,… etc.

It is no secret that the world economy has been through turmoil in recent times and manufacturing generally has been affected particularly badly during this period. So, now more than ever, we need to stand together as an industry and act collectively to influence serious issues we face.