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Henk De Man Memorial Award

The CETS – Henk de Man Memorial Award is presented every two years to a person or organization for meritorious service in the interests of the surface treatment industry in Europe.

Henk De Man

For a thriving manufacturing industry in Europe a healthy surface treatment industry is a prerequisite. The board of CETS has determined that acting at European level in the interests of the surface treatment industry is necessary for the continuity of the surface treatment industry in Europe.

About the award: Henk de Man was a Dutch entrepreneur in the surface treatment technology area, and was actively involved over a long period at European level for the benefit of the surface treatment industry. In 2013 he died suddenly at a much too young age.

Henk’s contribution to his beloved coating industry was phenomenal. He had built up his company Brandsma Metaalveredeling BV into a highly respected organisation in the Dutch coating industry. The company covered almost the whole range of plated coatings including nickel, chromium, tin, silver and gold with particular expertise in electroless nickel. In addition he served on many committees dealing with the industry response to ever increasing legislative demands. He served as President of the Dutch plating industry association and also became one of the stalwart supporters of the C.E.T.S. organisation where he was Chair of the Nickel Working Group for three years.

The organization for the award is:

  • Candidates may be nominated in various ways by the members of CETS. The deadline to nominate is November 30th of odd-numbered years.
  • The jury is the board of CETS. The winner is at the discretion of the jury. A member of the jury cannot be a winner.
  • The winner is a person or organization that has performed meritorious service for the interests of the surface treatment industry in Europe.
  • The ceremony is every first meeting of CETS of an even year or during an event that is organized in a period of 2 months before or after the CETS meeting.
  • The winner will be formally announced in March of the even years, but no later than at the time that the agenda is sent for referred CETS meeting.
  • No discussion will be entered into.

Winner of the Henk De Man Memorial Award 2016:

Dr. Paul Rübig

Dr. Paul Rübig, born on May 6th, 1953, in Wells (Austria) is part of the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) in the European Parliament. He made a great contribution to the surface treatment industry at European level through a number of occasions to act as host for the CETS breakfast meeting in Brussels. He has helped to provide a lot of attention for the surface treatment industry and in particular the SME’s in this industry. Through his efforts, Rübig has made a significant contribution to raise awareness in Brussels of the importance of our industry for the European manufacturing industry. The award was presented during a further breakfast meeting hosted by dr. Paul Rübig in October 2016 in Brussels.

Winner of the Henk De Man Memorial Award 2018:

Dr Veronique Steukers

Dr. Veronique Steukers, the Health & Environment Public Policy Director at the Nickel Institute in Brussels. Veronique has been an avid supporter of the surface engineering sector and fully understands that surface engineering underpins the whole of the EU manufacturing sector. She has campaigned tirelessly for a common-sense approach to chemicals legislation based on sound science and exploring all potential risk management options. Often, we do not need heavy handed, overly complicated and bureaucratic legislation, we need legislation that works, is easy to understand and that helps us remain competitive in the global marketplace. The award was presented in den Bosch on November 13th, 2018.

Winner of the Henk De Man Memorial Award 2020:

No award presented because of COVID-pandemic.