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CETS and ECHA in exchange on chromium trioxide

Dr. Markus Dahlhaus (FGK), Dr. Malte Zimmer (CETS) & Jaakko Kapanen (CETS) On November 13, 2023, representatives of CETS visited ECHA in Helsinki. The reason was the EU Commission's recent mandate to ECHA to develop restriction options for chromium trioxide. The aim is to transfer the substance from Annex 14 of REACH (substances subject to authorization) to Annex 17 (restricted substances)...
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CETS Presidium visits new EU Director

Mrs. McGuinness is open-minded and pragmatic On February 27, CETS Presidents Jaakko Kapanen and Dr. Malte Zimmer visited the new Director of ECHA, Mrs. McGuinness. In new premises, the Agency finds itself in a bright, airy, modernly designed ambience. Due to the nowadays widespread home office arrangements, the building was quite empty. Also present in the conversation was Mr. Matti Vai...
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Extraordinary Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Energy)

30 September 2022 - Jozef Síkela, Czech minister of industry and trade Main resultsEU energy ministers agreed on a regulation to address high energy prices and discussed further measures to mitigate high gas prices.  Regulation to address high electricity pricesEU energy ministers reached a political agreement on a regulation on an emergency intervention to address high electricity pric...
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New Board for CETS aisbl

At the annual General Assembly of CETS aisbl, the European surface treatment association on 24 June 2022, Dr Malte Zimmer was elected as the new president. Malte Zimmer CETS, the umbrella organisation of national associations and federations in the field of surface finishing, but not limited to the EU, has been led by Dave Elliott, Director of association SEA in the UK, for the past nine ye...
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CETS informs you: we lost our dear friend Tony Hart

Tony Hart It is with great sadness that we inform you of the sudden death of our friend Tony Hart. He died on 12 April and the funeral will take place on 10 May in Wombourne, UK.  Dr Tony Hart founded his company Hart Materials 35 years ago, which has grown into the thriving technology centre that it is today.  As an industry expert, he advises companies and other organisa...
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The REACH directive has now been a fact for 15 years. A lot of information about chemical substances has been collected and classified, which has resulted in the necessary legislation. On November 12, 40 people were physically present in Brussels. In addition to the physical attendees, about 300 people were also present online for the plenary part. The points that have been discusses, include...
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Europe makes a decision on Chromium trioxide (CrO3) authorization.

In May 2015, the CTACsub consortium applied for an application for authorization for 6 different applications of CrO3. The European Commission has made a decision on December 18, 2020. In this article, you will find the links for a webinar from CTACsub called 'CTACSUB AUTHORISATION OF CHROMIUM TRIOXIDE (CrO3): HOW TO COMPLY AN OVERVIEW FOR DOWNSTREAM USERS' with more information. Click he...
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CETS warns EU of disastrous ideology of NGOs

Leuven, 30/04/2020Covid-19 still has a grip on Europe, but some NGOs still refuse to learn the lessons of real life. The recent letter of EEB, ClientEarth, Chemsec, HEAL and Healthcare clearly shows, that they follow some traditional dogmatism neglecting all but their own naive view on society and business. To tell the real truth and give an indication of what the impacts will be of their ideo...
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Advancing REACH Financing options for ECHA

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is responsible for the implementation of REACH and CLP. This report describes the expenditure needed to sustain this work and the funding structure of the Agency. A number of new funding mechanisms which could be introduced into the discussions at EU level are proposed and fee levels estimated. These include: A new annual charge/fee requirement...
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